To the attention of:

  • The FIG Authorities;
  • The affiliated / associated Federations;
  • The Continental Unions.
LAUSANNE (SUI), FIG Office, 4 July 2018 AGU / mbe
FIG relaunches website with innovative new domain name:
Dear Members of the Authorities,
Dear Presidents of Federations and Unions,

We hereby inform you about the relaunch of the FIG website under the new domain .sport .
From now on, the FIG website can be accessed via the address
For details, please refer to the press release here below.
FIG relaunches website with innovative new domain name:
The International Gymnastics Federation is proud to be the first international sports federation to change its domain name with a switch to the innovative ‘.sport’ extension. From now on, the FIG website, which has been entirely developed in-house, can be accessed via the address
The FIG is one of the pioneer sporting bodies chosen by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) for its Dot Sport initiative. With this Dot Sport project, GAISF gave the FIG the opportunity to acquire the valuable asset of a unique digital signature through internet address extensions relevant to Gymnastics and its affiliated sports, disciplines and apparatus in a range of languages. 
“We like this concept of having a domain name that clearly means what the International Gymnastics Federation is. The GAISF approach, which offers the opportunity to control a full portfolio of relevant names linked to the FIG activities, will allow us to be more visible in an internet search and, therefore, to increase our digital footprint,” FIG President Morinari Watanabe said. 
The next stage of development will see the addition of several names related to Gymnastics such as,,, or and their equivalents in more than thirty languages.
The previous website address,, will automatically redirect to the new platform for an indefinite period of time. The FIG’s website has been redesigned at the same time to offer visitors a fresh and attractive look.


Thank you for your attention. Kind regards,
André F. GUEISBUHLER, Secretary General

Les Championnats du monde de gymnastique artistique 2022 attribués à Liverpool

LAUSANNE (SUI), siège de la FIG, le 14 mai 2018:
Liverpool, en Grande-Bretagne, sera la ville-hôte des Championnats du monde de gymnastique artistique en 2022. Le Conseil de la Fédération internationale de gymnastique (FIG), lors de sa réunion à Istanbul (TUR) les 11 et 12 mai, a choisi de confier cette 51e édition des Mondiaux à la Fédération britannique de gymnastique.
Les Mondiaux reviendront ainsi en Grande-Bretagne, sept ans après une édition mémorable à Glasgow, qui avait marqué un tournant dans la présentation de ce grand événement. Ces Mondiaux se tiendront du 28 octobre au 6 novembre 2022 dans l’Echo Arena, un complexe qui sert de théâtre depuis 2012 aux championnats nationaux de gymnastique britanniques.
«Les Mondiaux de Glasgow sont devenus, pour la FIG, une référence dans la manière de mettre en scène la gymnastique. Le dossier que nous a présenté la Fédération britannique nous promet à nouveau un événement grandiose dans une ville qui montre un véritable amour pour le sport et nous pouvons que nous réjouir», a souligné Morinari Watanabe, le Président de la FIG.
«Nous sommes ravis que Liverpool ait été choisi pour accueillir les Championnats du monde 2022 de gymnastique artistique. Ce sera une année vraiment exaltante avec les Jeux du Commonwealth 2022 qui se dérouleront aussi à domicile. Les Mondiaux devraient être une des compétitions qualificatives pour les Jeux Olympiques, et par conséquent on s’attend à voir les tout meilleurs mondiaux à Liverpool en 2022, dont plusieurs stars olympiques», a déclaré Jane Allen, directrice générale de la Fédération britannique.
Liverpool est la ville dont le club a vu grandir Elizabeth Tweddle, la première Britannique sacrée championne du monde de gymnastique artistique. Celle qui détient le plus beau palmarès de la gymnastique féminine britannique, avec une médaille de bronze olympique aux Jeux de Londres et trois titres mondiaux, a d’ailleurs apporté son soutien à la candidature.
«Je suis aux anges de savoir que cet événement prestigieux va se tenir dans ma ville. Cela aurait été une telle inspiration pour moi, plus jeune. Voir les meilleurs du monde concourir dans ma ville, c’est simplement fantastique! Les spectateurs vont être gâtés et je sais que Liverpool leur donnera beaucoup de plaisir», a commenté Beth Twedddle.
Trois éditions des Championnats du monde auront lieu avant ceux de Liverpool. Les Mondiaux 2018 auront lieu à Doha (QAT), du 25 octobre au 3 novembre, les Mondiaux 2019 à Stuttgart (GER), du 4 au 13 octobre, et les Mondiaux 2021, à Copenhague (DEN), du 18 au 24 octobre.


To the attention of:

  • The FIG Authorities;
  • The affiliated / associated Federations;
  • The Continental Unions.
LAUSANNE, FIG Office, April 9, 2018 AGU / mbe
Dear Members of the Authorities,
Dear Presidents of Federations and Unions,We have the pleasure to inform you that the following Rules have been updated and published on the FIG website:

  • Accreditation Rules
  • Media Rules
  • World Cup and World Challenge Cup Rules

Thank you for your attention and kind regards.

André F. GUEISBUHLER, Secretary General


En colaboración estrecha con la UPAG, tenemos el placer de invitarle a participar a una Academia FIG de Nivel 1 de Gimnasia Artística Masculina y Femenina que se  realizará en Cordoba, Argentina al final de julio.

  • Rama: Gimnasia Artística Femenina y Masculina
  • Fecha: 22 al 29 de julio de 2018
  • País: Córdoba, ARGENTINA

Descargue la invitación haciendo click aquí

The FIG introduces the Gymnastics Ambassadors for the 2018 World Championships

Lausanne (SUI), FIG Office, March 26, 2018: 
The International Gymnastics Federation is pleased to announce the nine champions who will be the Gymnastics Ambassadors at its 2018 World Championships.
“We are delighted that these major names, who in their own way have each made history in their discipline and influenced their sport, have agreed to act as Ambassadors,” said Morinari Watanabe, President of the FIG.
“We believe that through their very presence, they will help to pass on the passion of this sport to future generations and cast a spotlight on the Worlds, which are our flagship events of the year,” added Nellie Kim, herself an Artistic Gymnastics legend and now Vice President of the FIG and President of the Ambassadors’ Commission.
48th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships – Doha (QAT)
25 October – 3 November
Mitsuo Tsukahara (JPN)
Tsukahara was one of the mainstays of the Japanese team that dominated Men’s Artistic Gymnastics throughout the 60s and 70s. Five-time Olympic champion – three as part of the team event (1968, 1972 and 1976) and twice on the Horizontal Bar (1972 and 1976) – he has been immortalised thanks to the Vault that bears his name. He performed it for the first time in 1970, bringing him his first individual World title. During the course of his career, he won nine Olympic and six World medals, including four World golds.
Svetlana Boguinskaia (BLR)
Boguinskaia’s performances were a study in feline elegance. It was under the Soviet flag that she won four Olympic medals at the Seoul Games in 1988, including gold in the Vault and Team competition. The following year, she was crowned World champion in the individual All-Around competition, as well as in the Floor and Team competition. She won a third Olympic title with the Unified Team in 1992 in Barcelona after having added two more World titles in 1991, in Beam and Team gold.
36th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships – Sofia (BUL)
10 – 16 September                                             
Maria Petrova (BUL)
This icon of Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics belongs to a highly select group of gymnasts who have won three Individual All-Around World titles. From 1993 to 1995, Petrova was the queen of the international scene, winning a total of nine World crowns, including five with apparatus and one Team.
33rd World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships – St. Petersburg (RUS)
7 – 10 November
Alexander Moskalenko (RUS)
Moskalenko was not only the first Olympic Trampoline champion, but has also set almost every single record on the trampoline bed. From 1990 until his retirement in 2004 after winning Olympic silver, he won 18 World medals, 14 of which were gold. Winner of five individual titles, he remains the benchmark of the Trampoline discipline.
Irina Karavaeva (RUS)
Like Alexander Moskalenko, Irina Karavaeva is a living legend in Trampoline and was the discipline’s very first Olympic champion. No other gymnast has won as many World medals and titles: she has 19 medals, 12 of which are gold, including five individual titles.
26th World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships – Antwerp (BEL)
13 – 15 April
Nikki Snel and Eline de Smedt (BEL)
De Smedt and Snel crowned their career by winning gold in the Women’s Pair at the 2014 Worlds, ending five years of shared adventures in style. As a country with a long tradition in the sport, their success remains one of the prides of Belgian Acrobatic Gymnastics.
15th World Aerobics Gymnastics Championships – Guimarães (POR)
1 – 6 June
Jonatan Cañada (ESP)
Cañada has made his mark on Aerobic Gymnastics for a decade thanks to his originality. With five World titles, three Individual (1998, 2000 and 2002), one Mixed Pair (1996) and one trio (2002), as well as two World Games titles, one individual (2001) and one Mixed Pair (2005), he is one of the discipline’s most successful gymnasts.
Marcela Lopez (BRA)
With her infectious smile, Lopez dominated the international Individual scene between 2006 and 2010, taking three consecutive World titles plus the World Games title, with another under her belt as early as 2004, when she won the World title as part of the Brazilian trio.
The Ambassadors are selected in conjunction with the Worlds’ local organising committees according to various criteria including not only titles but also the exemplary nature of the gymnast’s career and their links with the host country.
Ambassadors will participate in several public events during the Worlds, including meetings with the public or young athletes. They will also present the gold medal to the new champions, individually or in their category. What could add more brilliance to their medal?

FIG Sports Dpt. – Official Communication – FIG approved RG Handling Apparatus

To the attention of:

  • The FIG Authorities;
  • The affiliated Federations;
  • The Continental Unions.
LAUSANNE (SUI), FIG Office, March 6, 2018
Dear Members of the Authorities,
Dear Presidents of Federations and Unions,
We would like to remind that the new norms for RG handling apparatus entered into force January 1st, 2018.
We kindly ask that you pay a special attention to:
a) the first paragraph on page 71 of the Apparatus norms states:
“All hand apparatuses which are supposed to be used at FIG sanctioned events shall have markings according to FIG rules. The markings shall not be removable. At FIG sanctioned events only FIG approved hand apparatuses shall be used.”
b) article 4 on page 10 of the 2017-2020 RG Code of Points (both editions: March 2017 and February 2018) states:
“Each apparatus used by an Individual gymnast or by each gymnast in the Group must have the manufacturer’s logo and “FIG approved logo” in specified places for each apparatus (rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon).”
You can click here to access the current valid FIG Apparatus Norm that are published on the FIG website.
We remain at your disposal for any query you may have.
Thank you for your attention and kind regards.


OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION 26th FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships Workplan

To the attention of:

  • The FIG Authorities;
  • The affiliated Federations;
  • The Continental Unions.
LAUSANNE (SUI), FIG Office, March 6, 2018
Dear Members of the Authorities,
Dear Presidents of Federations and Unions,


We are very pleased to inform you that the Workplan for the 26th FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp (BEL) are now available on the FIG website (please click here).

We remain at your disposal for any query you may have.

Thank you for your attention and kind regards.
Sports Department


To the attention of:

  • The FIG Authorities;
  • The affiliated Federations;
  • The Continental Unions.
LAUSANNE (SUI), FIG Office, 2 March 2018  AGU  / mbe 
FIG Executive Committee meeting in Lausanne (SUI) 
Dear Members of the Authorities,
Dear Presidents of Federations and Unions,
Please take note of the summary of main decisions and information following the Executive Committee (EC) meeting 28 February and 1 March 2018 in Lausanne (SUI):  
  • On the president’s proposal the Executive Committee (EC) decided unanimously to nominate Nicolas Buompane as Secretary General. Mr Buompane, who has been FIG Deputy Secretary General since 1 November 2007, will begin this new function on 1 January 2019.
  • The EC took the unanimous decision to entrust the Danish Gymnastics Federation with hosting the 2021 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. The event will be held in Copenhagen on 18-24 October 2021.
  • The EC assigned unanimously the following World Cup Competitions:
    • Acrobatic Gymnastics:
      Lisbon (POR), 29 June – 1 July 2018

      Baku (AZE), 17 – 18 November 2018
    • Parkour:
      Hiroshima (JPN), 6 – 8 April 2018

      Montpellier (FRA), 8 – 13 May 2018
  • Chengdu (CHN) in Oct/Nov 2018, date to be confirmed
  • The EC decided unanimously to offer the opportunity to jointly hold a Double Mini-trampoline World Cup to the organisers of the Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline and Tumbling World Cups.
  • The EC decided unanimously to include a new event, the Combined Team Final – All-around, as a test at the 2018 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships that will be held in St Petersburg (RUS) on 7 – 10 November.
  • The EC approved unanimously a new “Structure for Ethics and Safeguarding” which includes the creation of an independent and separate Ethics Foundation. The EC has also approved the “Policies and procedures for safeguarding and protecting participants in Gymnastics”. The new Ethics Foundation will include an Independent Safeguarding Section, which will deal with all allegations, suspicions and disclosures of all forms of harassment and abuse reported to the Ethics Foundation through its helpdesk and other channels. The new Ethics Foundation will also include a Compliance Commission and a Disciplinary Commission as well as an Appeal Tribunal. The creation of the independent and separate Ethics Foundation will be presented to the 2018 Congress for approval.
  • The EC accepted unanimously the financial report for 2017, the auditors’ report and the revised budget for 2018. All reports will be submitted to the next Council in Istanbul (TUR) in May 2018 for approval.
  • The EC discussed and approved all modifications made to the Technical Regulations, which will be submitted to the next Council.
  • The EC decided to propose to the Council in May 2018 to grant provisional membership affiliation to
    • the Gymnastics Federation of Tonga (TNG)
    • the Gymnastics Federation of Papua New Guinea (PNG)

  The definitive affiliation of these federations will be submitted to the 2018 Congress in Baku.

  • The EC refused to lift the suspension of the Kuwait Gymnastics Federation (KUW). However, the EC decided to authorise the athletes, coaches and judges from Kuwait to participate at all FIG events under the FIG flag.
  • The EC updated the FIG Rules for the Medical Organisation of FIG Competitions and approved unanimously the minimum number of Anti-Doping controls to be made at World Championships and World Cups in 2018.
  • The EC approved the updated Rules for sanctioning of International Events.
  • The EC approved the updated Accreditation Rules.
  • The EC approved the updated Media Rules.
  • The EC approved the updated World Cup and World Challenge Cup Rules.
  • The EC took note of the Development Group report presented by Kitty Chiller, CEO of Gymnastics Australia. Oceania already counts seven affiliated member federations and two more that are currently undergoing the acceptance procedure. The EC will propose to the next Congress to recognise Oceania as a Continental Union.
  • The EC decided to award the diploma of Honorary Judge to Severin Kodric (SLO – MAG) and Olga-Fanica Didilescu (ROU – WAG).
  • The EC approved the choice of Ambassadors for all World Championships in 2018 based on the proposals of the respective local organisers. The names will be published once the selected gymnasts have accepted the invitation.
  • The EC took note of the organisers’ choice to assign the apparatus manufacturer Taishan as the exclusive partner for the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Doha (QAT).
  • The EC approved the choice of Athlete Role Models for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (ARG). Their names will be published by the International Olympic Committee.
  • The EC approved the following changes of nationality:
 Emilian NEAGU  MAG Gymnast  MDA  ROU
 Dariy MOROZOV  MAG Gymnast  RUS  AZE
 Clara GANDREY  WAG Gymnast  FRA  SUI
 Jade FAULKNER  RG Gymnast  GBR  NGR
 Elizaveta IAMPOLSKAIA  RG Gymnast  LUX  MDA
 Elizaveta MAKHOSHVILI  RG Gymnast  RUS  GEO
 Redha MESSATFA  TRA Gymnast  FRA  ALG
Kind regards,
André F. GUEISBUHLER, Secretary General


Key decisions of the FIG Executive Committee

The Executive Committe at the FIG headquarters
LAUSANNE (SUI), FIG Office, 2 March 2018: 

The International Gymnastics Federation’s Executive Committee had a busy agenda for its first meeting of the year, which took place on 28 February and 1 March in Lausanne. A number of key decisions were made, including the imminent creation of a Foundation with responsibility for all ethical issues; the appointment of its next Secretary General; and the launch of a new event at the Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships.

Establishing an Ethics Foundation

The FIG’s project to reinforce its rules and review its structure to fight abuse and all forms of misconduct in the sport has taken an important step. The FIG’s Executive Committee has adopted new “Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding and Protecting Participants in Gymnastics”. These are based on the premise that “every sporting organisation has a responsibility to foster a healthy and respectful environment in which athletes can develop without being harassed, assaulted or abused.”

These reference documents are intended to provide all FIG member federations with guidelines to help them identify and respond to any instances of harassment, aggression and misconduct.

In addition, the Executive Committee approved the establishment of an Ethics Foundation. This new entity, which will be independent of the FIG authorities, will be responsible for dealing with any issue related to ethics, misconduct, aggression and other rule violations. It will be responsible for contacting the relevant legal authorities and offering support to those affected by these incidents.

It will be divided into four sections: a new security and protection group, a compliance committee, a disciplinary commission and an appeal tribunal. The details of this new structure are to be finalised prior to the next FIG Congress, to be held in Baku in December 2018.

A new Secretary General for the FIG

Nicolas Buompane (SUI) will take over from André Gueisbuhler (SUI) as Secretary General of the FIG on 1 January 2019. Mr Buompane, 47, has been FIG Deputy Secretary General since 1 November 2007 and was elected unanimously by the Executive Committee on the proposal of FIG President Morinari Watanabe.

The Executive Committee had reappointed Mr. Gueisbuhler last year until December 31, 2018. He has served as Secretary General since 2004, having previously served as Deputy Secretary General for 13 years.

Innovation in Trampoline

The next Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships in St. Petersburg (RUS), from 7 to 10 November 2018, will provide the opportunity to test a new event, a team All-around competition combining Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Double Mini-trampoline and women’s and men’s Tumbling. The final will be contested between the top five nations.

This is not the only new addition for this discipline, with the Executive Committee also having given its approval for the World Cup Double Mini-trampoline events. These can now be associated with Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline and Tumbling World Cups if the organisers of these events so wish.

For more information on all decisions made by the Executive Committee, click here.